Merits and demerits of advertisement essay

merits and demerits of advertisement essay

among the consumers. To improve living standards : Advertising creates a better desire for a better stimulates hard work and improve th standard of living of the people. Thus advertising is no doubt a powerful medium of communication without which no product can be marketed successfully.

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Artificial living : Advertising amplifies the need of people ad encourages wasteful consumption. Almost everyone listens to radio, AM, FM or streaming radio; all companies can get a great bang for their buck by advertising on the radio. It wins over the confidence of the customers in the quality of the advertised products. Advertising reduces the need of an middleman for selling goos that reduces the retail price of that commodity. Education of the consumers : Advertisements help us to become aware of the uses of a new product ad the functioning of the electronic items. Some claims or appeals are completely baseless.

Firstl y, it will discuss the advantages of advertising. Secondly, it will reveals the. Free Essay: Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of advertiseme nts.