Jack london what life means to me essay

jack london what life means to me essay

government bonds, when, by buying two newspapers for five cents, with a turn of the wrist I could sell them for ten cents and double my capitalThe business ladder was the ladder for me, and I had. I looked at the daughter of the cannery owner, in her carriage, and knew that it was my muscle, in part, that helped drag along that carriage on its rubber tires. I knew all this because I read Seaside Library novels, in which, with the exception of the villains and adventuresses, all men and women thought beautiful thoughts, spoke a beautiful tongue, and performed glorious deeds.

I returned to California and opened the books. Dans ce court texte, l'auteur procède à une autobiographie morale, et revient l'évolution de ses convictions politiques au cours des changements professionnels et sociaux qu'il a traversés : de voleur d'hutres à marchand de cerveau, c'est la naissance d'une personnalité de gauche qui est décrite. And just then, as luck would have it, I found an employer that was of the same mind. I was a capitalist.

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Then we'll cleanse the cellar and build a new habitation for mankind, in which there will be no parlor floor, in which all the rooms will be bright and airy, and where the air that is breathed will be clean, noble, and alive. I had expected to find men who were clean, noble, and alive, whose ideals were clean, noble, and alive. They were the men and women who made use primarily of their bodies in order to make a living, whether it was honest work, or somewhat shady (i.e. While away on this trip, another gang of bay pirates raided my boat. I retain my belief in the nobility and excellence of the human. I had begun to exploit my fellow-creatures. To him there are two major social classes, these being the working-class, into which he was born, and the upper-class. I remembered my intellectuals and idealists, my unfrocked preachers, broken professors, and clean-minded, class-conscious workingmen. But my crew that night was one of those inefficients against whom the capitalist is wont to fulminate, because, forsooth, such inefficients increase expenses and reduce dividends. Above me towered the colossal edifice of society, and to my mind the only way out was.