Essays on the california gold rush

essays on the california gold rush

risk taking economy, as it was back in the days of the Gold Rush. They all came to try and strike it rich by finding gold in the water just as easily as Sutter. The California Gold Rush, in this world, there are many countries. A typical miners' days were spent digging, sifting and washing in ice-cold water for 10 hours a day. Levi Strauss, a tailor who happened to have very popular canvas pants made his fortune from the Gold Rush. In addition to this many of the miners were unable to find gold by the time the gold rush onset had occurred and this meant they had to return empty handed. In addition, due to Californias vast natural resources, fertile abundant land and great weather, growing food and raising livestock was easy compared to the eastern United States and other parts of the world. Miners worked all day and all night. The fact remained that although the gold was scarce- it was still there for the taking. This rapid growth and development was brought on by an accidental discovery by James Marshall.

The California Gold Rush Essay - 905 Words Bartleby

essays on the california gold rush

essays on the california gold rush

California through the Gold Rush The California Gold Rush affected not only, california, but also the entire outcome of our nation. It created the expansion of our nation into Western America and. California., the California Gold Rush in 1849 was the catalyst event for the state that earned them a spot in the,.S.

By the end of the Gold Rush, nearly 594 million in gold ingots (estimated around 10 billion in 2001 dollars) would be shipped out from California towards the east coast alone9. On January 24, 1848, Marshall found about a pea size nugget of gold and then another. Although logical, what they did not realize was malaria and cholera were common in the rain forests of Central America. While working on building a sawmill for John Sutter, Marshall and about 20 other men set out to find lumber near a river, however the glint of something completely different caught his eye. With concerns of security leadership strengths and weaknesses essay and regulation of their mining claims, miners took things.

Every country has its own people, culture, riches and its very own special history, yet every country has had its own citizens immigrating to the United States to seek the "American dream." In 1848, the "American dream" was a reality for many in the form. Many made their way on foot or by wagon. One item in particular, denim pants known today as jeans sold like wild fire amongst the 49ers, as they were durable and did not rip. Any discovery only encouraged more miners towards their dream.

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