Westward expansion term paper

westward expansion term paper

Texas, cattle grazing was the sole economic prospect until dams and irrigation techniques were developed. Indeed, scholars have failed to address what the alteration or exclusion of these images from the official reports reveals not only about the efforts of Clarence King, the surveys leader, to control the official narrative, but also about the symbolic work that these figures. They didn't want to leave their land so they tried to fight but most of the time the ended up losing. The United States forced the Indians to move from their land and go more west every time they kept finding gold. As much as it was a good idea, they should not have rushed it like they did. Westward Expansion, westward Expansion: A History of the American Frontier, by Ray Allen Billington, with the collaboration of James Blaine Hedges (New York: Macmillan Publishing Company, 1949, Fourth Edition, 1974, 840., maps, tables, bibliography, index.). University, who first formulated the "frontier hypothesis." The first chapter of Westward. However, missing from the discourse surrounding OSullivans photographs is a thoughtful examination of how the body is constituted in OSullivans western landscapes, and the greater ideological implications of these chilling, discomforting, and weird figures. Indeed, Joel Snyder and Fran├žois Brunet have variously referred to them as chilling, discomforting, weird, and even burlesque, in what Brunet sees as their strange humor. As the preface to the first edition states, Westward Expansion attempts to follow the pattern that Frederick Jackson Turner might have used had he ever compressed his researches on the American frontier within one volume. They thought it was okay because they didn't want to get hurt by the "savage" Indians.

westward expansion term paper

The fourth edition bibliography is nearly 150 pages long. The persistence of inherited European traits, the continuous impact of changing world conditions, and the influence of varying racial groups were equally important forces in shaping the nation's distinctive civilization. The expanding west was an area of seemingly unlimited resources and opportunities where people could improve their lot through trapping, trading, ranching, mining, speculating. Cowboys adopted a distinctive, colorful style of dress that reflected the requirements of the job, the local work environment, and included many elements of the Mexican Vaqueros' personal taste. Among the many photographs produced by Timothy OSullivan for the harm of smoking essay the Geological Exploration of the Fortieth Parallel are several images that present a less comforting picture of mans encounter with the landscape and where the body appears. Still, the continuous rebirth of society in the western wilderness, provided Americans unique characteristics not shared by the rest of the world. Billington was a professor of history and senior research associate of the.

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