What is an ethnographic research paper

what is an ethnographic research paper

when they learn that they are the subject of study. Publication of edge ethnography works can be a challenge for scholars who do this work. If it is not possible, then write it down as soon afterwards as possible. To grant the legitimacy of simply being worthy of study to deviant, illicit, and marginalized people and practices is to make a political statement. Gestures are silent and can be employed without the knowledge or notice of others nearby. However, there are barriers that can make the publication of such works more challenging than for traditional works, whether ethnographic or quantitative in nature. Motes made while observation are more reliable than others, but it depends upon the situation and the environment. Ethnography as a concept was first developed by Gerhard Friedrich a German professor who looked into it as a distinct disciplined while he undertook the 17econd Kamchatka Expedition. Relatedly, edge ethnography is political in that the mere pursuit of understanding of some worlds is defined by observers (and perhaps by practitioners) as a political pursuit.

Goals and Methods of Ethnographic Field Research: Goals and Methods of Ethnographic Field Research Unlike deductive research, then, the ethnographic field research does not use a predesigned research instrument, such as a written questionnaire Reports based on ethnographic field research (ethnographies include vivid descriptions. Ethnographic research is one type of qualitative methods used by sociologists and other social sciences. This includes gazes and looks, touch and gestures, and body language. In addition, by fully immersing himself or herself in the setting and population being studied, and essentially becoming a new member of the group and social world that is the focus of the study, the edge ethnographer is able to access information at a depth. When scheduling your observations, allow plenty of time because unanticipated events may occur, and you will also need time to record your observations. Otherwise, you will inevitably forget or distort what was said or done.