Kashmir conflict essay 2018

kashmir conflict essay 2018

non-conformant of the agreement. The attack was orchestrated by Pakistan based terrorist groups, Let (Lashkar-e-Taiba) and JeM (Jaish-e-Mohammed both of which wish to free Kashmir from Indian rule. This of course is extremely difficult, as it is only an international court. The Jammu and Kashmir Assembly announced recently that Indian forces illegally occupy 53,750 acres of land in the embattled region. Zardari remarked that Pakistan will continue to support the right of the people of Jammu Kashmir to peacefully choose their street art essay destiny in accordance with the UN Security Councils long-standing resolutions on this matter. . As a mediator of the whole conflict, it has to be able to stay neutral. The Kashmiri people live in constant fear of war. By crushing peaceful means of resistancecivilian protests, civil society initiatives, student politics, etc. The preceding 42 years of Indian rule had been a saga of broken promises, intrigues and constitutional frauds. While most are optimistic in their assessment there are many who still believe (especially separatists occupying Kashmir) that there no hope for Kashmir in the near future.

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The resulting war lasted until 1948, until the UN was asked to intervene, which put into effect a plebiscite. India was however successful in fending off the attack and sought for international intervention in the region in order to settle the dispute.

Both should give more liberty, not merely by granting elections but also by rolling back restrictions on business, terminating governmental monopolies in trade and commerce, and encouraging international investment bodies such as the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. . A look into the perspectives of both the countries so that our understanding of the problem becomes clearer. The region also has a third group known as separatists who want a separate identity without being a part of either India or Pakistan. While leaving, the colonial powers separated the region on the basis of religion giving rise to two nations: India and Pakistan. So when India occupied the region, it was a feeling of deprivation for Pakistan. The valley is vaingloriously called paradise on earth but this tourist haven has no airport. While a portion of the blame can be attributed to Pakistan, the Indian Army operating in the region had a role to play in the proliferation of these groups.

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