My first day in high school essay

my first day in high school essay

were sitting in the back talking to each other. I had two pieces of toast and I was on my way. The small phase that I had spent being a part of the high school will remain etched in my memories for the rest of the life. After recess the bell went for class and we went to peer support groups and at first we where all silent. While we where in our home class our teacher Mr Sharman handed out our orientation booklets and we did some activities and filled out our timetable. These mixed emotions eventually made me to feel tremendously awkward as the first instance of my entry into the high school building.

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All the assignment and homework had dude day, it really could help students have more time to do their work, and they will management their time life more easy. I used to think about the class in college which is different from in high school. Ive learnt to change my own view after I saw everything college in front of my eyes, it is not that difficult like the other people told me before. Students cant talk to each other during lecture that is reason students are not so friendly when they tried to ask the other about homework or any assignment. I was really wondering about it, I didnt know anything since the first year and first day. However, students can leave early before class end 15 minutes or 20 minutes early, In high school, students would get their assignments and homework from the professors in class, but that was not for college. Later the bell sounded for recess and it played silent night. On that day, I experienced nervousness, loneliness, and sadness at the same time. In addition, in my world culture class, students had to work in a group, and no one wanted to work with. There were too many students walking around the school, but they never smiled at me or said Hi or Hello.