Good thesis for fielas child

good thesis for fielas child

with geese and ostriches but which had grown into a prosperous enterprise as a result of her. Although Fiela and Selling Komoetie are not the biological parents of Benjamin, they are remarkable parental figures, as well as the only ones Benjamin knew. This simple statement shows how Benjamin has come to accept Fiela as his mother and has developed deep respect for her. Both novels can be categorised as popular historical fiction though Matthees novel is also viewed as literary and as such is often prescribed by schools and universities in South Africa. Matthee uses language (specifically speech) to deliberately frame the relationships between the white and the "Coloured" (as they are termed) characters as inherently conflicted and opposed.

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Women and land rights Both Eva and Fiela are mothers, and mothering, particularly mother love across the racialised colour line, is the central theme running through both novels. 109) The convergence of interrelated and simultaneous variations on the theme of trauma namely, that of womens oppression through patriarchal systems, racialised oppression through colonialism and apartheid and the marginalisation and exploitation of indigenous people form the background to my reading of Fielas child and Sorg. In contrast, Matthees Fiela is much more readily forgiving, transcending her bitterness in forgiving Barta. This propels him onto a journey in which he is, like the floundering ghost ship, tossed from mother to mother and between the forest and the veld in search of his true identity. This provides scope for a reading of Sorg for the contribution it makes to the South African national engagement with traumatic memory and reconciliation. Returning to Knysna via the forest, he confronts his white mother, Barta, who finally admits that she lied years before, under pressure from the census man, when she claimed him as her own eed from the burden of a life in the forest as Lukas. Van Heerden,., 1986, Toorberg, Tafelberg-Uitgewers, Kaapstad. . Amidst all of this, Sorg became, at least, just another popular historical romance novel and, at most, a bit of a curiosity because of the authors particular position in South African society. Of this, the character Isabella, Hendriks wife and the only main character in the novel who achieves self-insight, personal transformation and a type of enlightenment during her lifetime, is an example: Those like Isabella who could forgive themselves found rest in the graveyard, but the.

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