What is sleep deprivation essay

what is sleep deprivation essay

many negative effects that are the result of sleep deprivation. A person may have a very hard time staying awake and alert after being sleep deprived the night before. Edition 5: Mosby YearBook Inc., 1998. Insomnia is when a person is unable to fall asleep, stay asleep or even experience a sleep that will refresh the body. Then came the first bed for a comfortable sleep, and so forth until there was the first electroencephalograph that measured brain waves to explain sleep. Nrem has four stages in it that range from stage I, which is drowsiness, to stage IV, which is deep sleep (Gottlieb 81). Causes, Effects, Studies. There are a few main causes such as too little time, choosing to sleep less and medical conditions. Stages of sleep alternate between REM and nrem states that are characterized by brain waves, muscle activity, eye movements, heart function, and breathing (Cohen 8). The other type of sleep is called nrem (non-rapid eye movement) sleep, which leaves a sense of refreshment to the body.

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These effects can be physical or psychological. In the pursuit to educate, we often seem to dismiss those students who tend not to do so well, and who fall asleep. If a person is sleep deprived, he or she may have many performance problems. The bed should be reserved only for sleeping. The brain is effected when there hasnt been enough time christy brown with cerebral palsy as an essay to sleep and recover. When one spends a lot of time in their bed doing homework, watching television, and other such activities, it is hard for the body to understand that it is supposed to feel sleepy when it is time for the person to actually sleep. Researchers believe that memories are stored in long-term memory during REM sleep.

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what is sleep deprivation essay