Cbs thesis requirements

cbs thesis requirements

programme, corresponding to 120 ects credits. The complainants comments, if any, will be enclosed when the complaint is forwarded to the Qualifications Board. (8) If a student retakes an examination or another type of assessment, the highest grade applies see however section 37(4) of the Examination Order. While working essays compare and contrast on the Masters thesis, the students are entitled to receive a pre-determined amount of guidance from their supervisor. The letter must state the full code and title of the course(s) in question and why it is vital to you. The student must also develop a basis for integration of IT in existing organisations. Not a core program course). . The defense is also the students opportunity to correct possible substantial errors or omissions in the written work.

Artist statement for creative thesis
Defined doctoral thesis

CBS will give the complainant the opportunity to comment on the statement, within a time limit of 1 week. (2) A decision made by CBS according to subsection (1) may be appealed by the complainant to the Danish Agency for Higher Education when the complaint is concerned with an error of law or procedure. The above letter must state the full course code and title of the course that match the required course at your home university. (6) Under special circumstances, the Study Board may grant exemptions from the rules set out in subsection (5). (2) There is a general entry requirement of having an academic bachelor degree.

Guidelines FOR masteheses, aND doctoral dissertations

cbs thesis requirements