Air pollution in cities essay

air pollution in cities essay

somewhere else; experts suggest this solution Less gas emissions on telecommuting days (research) Describe your solution: Pass a law on telecommuting. Every time we breathe, we inhale dangerous chemicals that put us to great risk. We will write a custom essay sample. We can help reduce air pollution by avoiding plastic products and those that contain CFC. Some of the cities reduced the air pollution level; however there are still some that are considered to be the most polluted cities in the world. We damage the place where we live, pollute the air we breathe every day and destroy other species life, too. We can control ourselves and we should act carefully. Air Pollution in Northern Utah 3699 words - 15 art importance essay pages To be able to look at the distribution of air pollution from factories and incinerators and its effect on human populations, we must understand the justice of air pollution and how it is a multifaceted. Air Pollution in Auckland, New Zealand 1520 words - 6 pages, Auckland council has taken many steps to control the air pollution inside the city as well as it suburbs.

Data Analysis and Discussion, one of the major gas emitted in the air is Carbon Dioxide. It is an important factor in forming acid precipitation (acid rain) and ozone layer. All the factors listed above contribute to Mexico Citys poor air quality. Retrieved from ml Kouroussis,. We can help reduce this global air pollution and other climate change by taking frequent walks instead of driving a car when it is necessary. Introduction, general information about the problem: As the vehicle population reached more than 700 million, numerous cities experiencing rapid industrialization started to suffer from air pollution. When these gases contact with atmosphere, ozone layer is destroyed. Though it is improving, in the late 1990s Ozone levels exceeded acceptable standards 300 days a year (Yip, 3).

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However, when this gas reaches the ground level it can pollute the earth surface and cause highly toxic effects. Describe your solution: Hydrogen should replace gasoline. It will reveal the main causes of heavy air pollution along with the remedies adopted by the government. The average visibility in the city is down from almost 100 km in the 1940s to only.5 km today, removing the once beautiful landscape of the surrounding snow-capped volcanoes (Yip, 1). Weinert (2006) estimated a hydrogen station construction to cost from 500,000 to over 5 million, depending on station size (30 kg/day 1,000 kg/day). Quantification of local and global benefits from air pollution control in Mexico City. Ozone layer is affected too much by pollution and it will cause serious disturbances on the environment.

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