Alice neikirk anthropology 324 essays

alice neikirk anthropology 324 essays

explicitly linked. This relationship, between humanitarian governance and morality, is particularly clear in relation to polygamous refugees, refugees that marry across national boundaries and child marriages. Through the experiences of the Bhutanese refugees, this article illustrates that humanitarian ideals actively govern refugees, while legitimizing broader processes of exclusion and inclusion. In turn, these values help maintain the legitimacy of a nation-based, global order. During fieldwork with Bhutanese refugees, service providerswhose policies and actions reflected the view these marriage practices were morally corrupt and inherently oppressive to womenapproached these practices as a problem. A willingness to transform such practices promised the Bhutanese refugees an opportunity to become part of an international community with all the attendant benefits (such as resettlement) this entailed.

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alice neikirk anthropology 324 essays

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