Phd thesis leuven

phd thesis leuven

plan has been approved by the Doctoral Committee. When should I submit? A doctoral committee member selected by the doctoral school is added to the Supervisory Committee. If other PhDs are being performed around similar topics, please mention the titles and the name(s) of the PhD researcher(s) involved and the differences with your project. If so, permission for printing and defence will be granted and the role of the chair ends. Upload the IDP that has been completed both by you and the supervisor in your PhD progress report in KU Loket.

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Present your research project orally (30 min.). The aim of the IDP is twofold: Stimulate young researchers to actively work on their career planning Make supervisors aware that it is part of their task to support and coach PhD researchers in becoming independent scholars As only 9 of our researchers with a PhD. From 2000 up to and including 2008 : can be found at the back of the library, next to the Educational Collection. Share with your file administrator via WeTransfer (or Dropbox Similarity report of your thesis (digital version, no print version) Important : As long as the requested document has not been uploaded via KU Loket 'PhD Progress', the manuscript is not considered to be officially sent out. Do not upload your manuscript directly via Lirias, but go via your PhD progress application in KU Loke. . If your departmental chair is not able to attend, he will indicate a replacement. Elke Knapen (2007 " Microstructure formation in cement mortars modified with water-soluble polymers". The IDP aims to stimulate a reflection process between the PhD researcher and his/her supervisor, but it is not a binding document regarding career choices.