Revise dissertation book manuscript

revise dissertation book manuscript

going to be easier and faster and youll have a sense of direction while you. As an academic, you want to think both deeply and broadlyand you want to share your thinking. A peer reviewer is an expert in the field who reviews the document, by adding comments. Let m help you to begin and sustain the process of transmuting years of work into a compelling book. A DE acts as an advocate for a broad range of readers and as a kind of coach for the author.

Realizing this difference enables you to know what to focus on in the document and to assure that it includes everything you intended to say. James Mulholland, What Ive Learned about Revising a Dissertation, Journal of Scholarly Publishing 43 (October 2011 3951. Youre feeling mystified or overwhelmed by the reader reports youve received. To which journal or publishing house are you submitting? There are companies that can provide professional editing and peer-review services for your manuscripts. Theres no committee making demands on you anymore; you are no longer bound by the requirements of the degree. Your DE comes back to you with a practical plan for rearranging the pieces into a compelling story. Use double spacing throughout the text.

You may be thinking. Let us try to find out. Picture it: you hand your draft over to someone else and take a vacation from thinking about it for a few weeks. As you broaden your projects focus in order to address an audience beyond just your committeean audience with whom you have something valuable to share! On top of that, the reality of the academic grind is that most of our friends and colleagues really dont have many spare hours to spend doing favors, as much as they might like. A lot of my clients tell me that getting my feedback has actually made them excited to work on their books again.

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