Food and water security essay

food and water security essay

and rebuilding lives after emergencies, reducing chronic hunger and undernutriton everywhere and strenghtening the capacity of countries. If we hope to make a difference for all involved, we have to make sure that we are doing all we can to make a difference. Intl Food Policy Res Inst. We simply would be lost without having the ability to feel safe and sustain ourselves as human beings. The government must help to ensure the water we do have access to stays clean, and that incidents like the situation in Flint, Michigan don't happen. . It is a scary thought that one day this may not be the case. Writers Lindsay Branham, Jonathan Olinger narrated BY Rachel Brosnahan produced BY DTJ ( www.

A third of the worlds malnourished children live in India. It will be advantageous when we can invent the car that can drive without the need for gas to operate. Changing tastes not only is the population growing, but its diet is changing too. Greenhouse Effect which occurs when too much heat is trapped on the Earth due to trees being cut down and depletion of the ozone layer which bounces the suns rays back into space.

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Water for Life Decade. Available from: ml Accessed 16 November 2009 Bakker,. The most basic of needs is food and water security and yet, many people ever reach full fulfillment of this need. United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Use a toilet that is water efficient. Use appliances that are energy efficient also. Future Issues That Could Affect Food and Water Security.