Benefits of genetically modified organisms essay

benefits of genetically modified organisms essay

foods has been investigated by different scientists for many years but we still dont have a clear answer about the influences of such food on our health. GMO being wrong at all. As I see it, GMO have long ago turned into a scarecrow, because the majority of people who, of course, dont know anything in the field biology, consider them to be dangerous due to different reasons some beliefs are utterly primitive and include people growing. The realm of the natural world should not be determined by mankind; this is the realm of the divine and part of Gods plan, which is unknowable and should remain so (Gertsberg). They took a decision: the best way to deal with a dangerous competitor is to start spreading rumors about terrible consequences of GMO-using. Is fighting famines moral? This particular draught-resistant crop can be grown in regions susceptible to draught conditions. Although restructured to be; insect resistant, drought resistant and have additional nutritional diet the consumption of soybean has been put in doubt over some experiments that were done. The above experiment was done by Russian scientists who added flour from GM soy (from Monsanto) to the diet of female rats and mated them two weeks later, they then continued to feed them on GM soy during pregnancy, birth and nursing. The thing is, the whole hysteria concerning GMO is a result of competition between firms growing agricultural products.

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All of us know about such a new kind of food like genetically modified and it is really widespread now. What Are the Benefits of Using GMO? But thatd be another story. And, although no essays alabama education lottery one really knows whether it is true in any sense of the word, or, in fact, what it means, there is this creepy image of tomatoes springing out tiny legs and crawling around immediately formed somewhere in the collective unconscious. The past benefits from not bearing the ill effects of chemical applications would be lost together with a farmers means of survival: agriculture. Since GM crops can withstand extreme conditions, there is little or no need for chemical interventions such as pesticides. Fertilizer) to obtain high yields (Frewer, Scholderer and Downs). The gap between perception and reality is huge. GMO and had excellent results, leaving its competitors, who didnt invest in research in this area beforehand, far behind. Generally, it simply means that they cannot understand it and, thus, consider it to be bad the usual way people treat new and yet unknown things. An example is a crop that has been modified to endure a draught. . This issue could escalate from a local concern to a worldwide issue with an undesirable result being pandemic famine (Lal 95).

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