Short essay on industrial revolution

short essay on industrial revolution

led to the discovery of the nuclear bomb. The Industrial Revolution was the beginning of the great depletion of non-renewable resources that plague us today. Farming tooackseat, factories in the urban areas promised more money and stability than a cultivable land in the rural pockets, and many farmers abandoned their land to go to the cities in search of work. The air plane industry was born (Hudson 15). The Industrial Revolution did not simply see the birth of the industrial machinery and locomotives. These clashes created opposition to the liberal movement; communism became the supporter of this opposition. Factories could spit out as much pollution as they wanted and freely dump into the worlds oceans (Clare 55).

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The Industrial Revolution led to many new theories, especially in social, economic, and scientific areas. Working conditions declined, and the number of women and children working increased. This gave rise to a need to export manufactured goods and under the Mercantile Economic System (which was in its final days) export regions were taken as colonies to be administrated by the producing power. Read Also: Essay on Pollution:Impact of Pollution on our life and environment. It showed more of how people felt at one moment in time. Hobsbawn claimed that since the British middle class made money so easily in the first years of the Industrial Revolution, they simply did not work as hard as their rivals in other countries. Before the Industrial Revolution, each generation of people produced a roughly similar amount of products to their predecessors and overall economic wealth was fairly stagnant. Then, fewer children would be born because they would not be affordable. He believed more children were produced when wages were high. 5 million (Corrick 55). The first Industrial Revolution had forever changed England, and later the world.