Should religion be taught in schools essay

should religion be taught in schools essay

deny the amount of cultural influence religion has, no matter where you. If these children are raised to believe in Christianity, for example, but then they learn about another religion such as Buddhism or Hinduism, they may question why they "have" to believe what they are being taught at home. Be it resolved that students should learn about world religions in public schools. Not learn about a deity that has no proof of its existence. I think that if children, especially teenagers, learn about several different religions then they can form their own opinions on them and decide whether they want to become a part of one or just leave not bother with religion. Also their parents should also have a choice. It should be an option in school. In addition to the areas of ambiguity, there is the problem of religious ignorance (Giess, 2012; Haynes, 2011).

Now that freedom is beginning to be stripped away from. The debate on religion in the public school is complicated by the fact that there are two clauses dealing with religion in the First Amendment (Warnick, 2012). Secondly, there is a difference between the religion and the practices of the people who adopt that religion. 1442 Words 6 Pages, the subject of religion in public schools is one that has been debated vigorously and passionately. Some consider RE studies to be disruptive for family life and cause for confusion in children in both deep questions about life and in their personal relationships with their family and their family's religion.

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I respect religions and would never wish for them to be banned, but this must be left to the parents to decide whether to teach their kids religion or not in their private homes. For example, just because you are a Muslim but you dont offer all your prayers it doesnt mean the fault is in your religion. If students were more actively aware of other religions they could better understand each other. We already have little enough time as it is to teach our children the basic facts in the vital areas of mathematics, science, and language. The fault lies in your actions! One of the biggest reasons is due to the argument concerning whether or not religion should be allowed in school.

Teaching religion in schools helps students understand the differences.
Religion Should Be Taught In Public Schools Essay.
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If we ever forget that we are One nation under God, then we will.

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