Economic development essay pdf

economic development essay pdf

of the economic development is the improvement of the quality of life of ordinary citizens. Essay Questions: What is economic development? In 2008, Moroccos economy was expected to grow.5. Finally, modernization of the economy was an important thing to do by Morocco to have a better preparation to a better development. Though the production of all the necessary products to satisfy these basic needs is important, the broadening of their implication is vital in terms of a corresponding economic development. Migration, Unemployment Development: A Two-Sector Analysis.

Economic development includes economic growth among the main criteria. In 2009, the expectation of the growth was.7 which is pretty much the same as the expansion of the economy. The late Professor Frederick Harbison of Princeton University argues that "Human resources constitute the ultimate basis for wealth of nations. Developing countries must agree because they devote so much of their resources and capital into education. In the 1900s, a new strategy took place by imposing some new policies and the government trying to make it diverse in terms of the economy.