Describe the happiest day of your life essay

describe the happiest day of your life essay

details of the event. I remember feeling warmth in my chest of happiness in that moment and wanted to remember it forever which i guess i have. You achieved something noteworthy. If you can answer this cue card question you would also be able to answer the following cue card topics:. Describe a happy memory you have. It was a really special time having all the most important people in my life together at the same time. The first memory was somewhere in my early 20s.

You did something for the first time in like swimming, cycling, driving etc. This ielts cue card asks about an unforgettable (memorable) occasion (event) in your life. I felt excited, happy and relieved. There wasnt enough space to sit in the back side of the taxi and the taxi driver gave a suspicious look.

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There were the usual speeches, presentation of degrees to graduates and a few other things which the faculty had organized, and then after we organized a big lunch there was my own family and three of my friends and their families as well,. You are virtually free to talk about any event that you think you would be flexible to talk about. Say the name of your home-town. I hope you enjoyed exploring my happiest memories with. There are two particular memories that i would say are probably the real definition of happiness for. The cue cards that give you wide options are usually easier to talk about since you won't have to wonder a lot to pick what you would talk about. My emotions have been very up and down recently so i wanted to try and channel some positive energy by writing a nice post. I remember looking directly bellow at the sea rippling below us and feeling the most amazing feeling in my chest. We were five in members and we hired taxi to reach the trade fair.

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