Dogs make better companions than cats essay

dogs make better companions than cats essay

in the back room on her small cushion. Dogs know when youre sad and try to make you feel better, while cats dont care how you feel and care only about getting fed. Im sure it is not without reason that dogs are called mans best friend. So whenever she had the chance, she kicked the dog off of his cushion and used it herself. A dog will bring your slippers. Recent research studies have listed the many benefits of keeping a dog, according to research, most dog owners have lower blood pressure compared to those who do not own dogs and are less likely to develop any serious health problem. A dog is a mans best friend.

Dogs Are Better Than Cats, Persuasive Essay Sample
Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats Essay - 860 Words Bartleby

Were self-starters and dont need to rely on our pets to get us up off the couch. Dogs are the most loyal pets to their owners they can read our communication cues; dogs are the most helpful animals during dire situations. Or, to get it to do things for you (aka free labor). The new cushion was slightly larger than the old one, which was just as well since it fit him better. Compared to cats, a dogs sense of smell can be of benefit to humans compared to cats; dogs can be trained to use simple gadgets and respond to cretin commands installed in various gadgets to perform certain tasks. Dogs do better with change.

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