World war 1 essays

world war 1 essays

root cause of the war was limited and could have been controlled. What began as a local conflict over a political assassination soon turned into an unbelievable bloodbath. The unclear diplomacy objectives were perhaps the main factors that led to Germany making some aggressive moves. By 1900, Germanys essay writing chinese new year new, modern factories vastly out produced Britains older ones.

This shows that although these men were fighting each other and would have willingly shot each other in battle, they were just ordinary people who were interested in the same things, probably had similar jobs and just wanted a to put the War behind them. It must be a hard thing to do to carry on fighting while your friends lie dying or dead around you. In Germany, people learned to sing a Hymn of Hate against the British. I have been fighting, trying to stay alive for these past six months. Imperialism is the domination by one country of the political, economic, or cultural life of another country or religion.

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The fight was now mainly about Germany for the Allied Powers, and not Austria-Hungary. In just a few months, the flu swept around the world, killing more that 20 million people. From 1914 to 1916, around two million Russians died and around four to six million Russians were wounded. With German colonial ambitions intensifying and a destabilizing Europe make some observers and strategists feel that was inevitable. Some men were shot by there own side for things such as mutiny or cowardice. A typical month for a soldier would be 4 days in the front line, 4 days in the support line and 14 days resting. Governments raised taxes and borrowed huge amounts of money to pay the costs of war. They talk about friends they have made and lost. Im sure that they all had one thing in common, both sides wanted the war to be over and to go back to their normal lives, not having to worry about who was on which side. Being out-numbered, the Alliance turned its name in the Central Power in October of 1914 after the Ottoman Empire joined the side of Germany and Austria. Another effect of World War 1 was propaganda war.

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