Who am i as a learner essay

who am i as a learner essay

wise choice to only trust my own feelings and senses. For instance, I studied history in my certificate examination and there are many dates and events that we need to memorize, just like the second world war, there are numerous dates we must remember. This tagline helps to sum up the tone of the film A Few Good Men. I never really considered myself to be a kinesthetic learner but I do get restless sometimes, I do enjoy interaction and I have always had an interest in dance. I was surprised to find that one quiz gave me results that were similar in strength in three areas. .

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Olympic Games was the oldest Greece festival and it is a competition which only male in Greece were qualified and with a much shorter time (Young, 2004; Golden, 1998). 1.1 IntroductionHow can we learn best? More, my Experiences as a Learner, i was in first grade and her name was Sister Carol Anne. The main focus of the analysis was to find information that would help create a comprehension unit and help teach students the skills to understand what they were reading. Preuss described Olympic as the biggest, most prestigious and peaceful multi sport event ( 2004,.1 every four years, the city which host the Olympic Games would gain the global interest. We didn't get to choose our animal however, and I see now how profound her rationale was. I possess pieces of each of the seven multiple intelligences. However, since I decided to embark on a new challenge and opportunity by enrolling in graduate school, I have had to refocus my priorities amidst the everyday stresses of life and my hectic schedule. If I do not want like the best alternative, I would try another option. According to Mill, making wise choices requires experience and use of discussion. By her observation, she said that I always written down many notes during lessons like the examples given and I was able to use the examples when doing the home works or ingle, who are my classmates and group mates in higher diploma course, noted.

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