Cause of population explosion essay

cause of population explosion essay

population can be attributes to the custom of early marriages in our society. The population of the regions where these industries are set up is thus becoming denser by the day. One of the main reasons for the growth of population in India is illiteracy. The rapid growth of population in certain parts of our planet has become a cause of concern. Role of media be encouraged especially in rural areas. On the other hand, there are places where the rate of population is very low. High population is responsible for a decline in the per capita income. This is mainly due to lack of finances and opportunity. Impact of Human Population Growth on Wildlife Population.

On the other hand, countries with poor or unstable government see many people leaving at the availability of any good opportunity elsewhere. Population Essay 5 (600 words) Introduction Population is the term used to denote the total number of people living in an area. Steps Taken for Population Control in India.

It causes many problems among people.
When the population of a nation increases without any control causing unceasing problems is called Population Explosion - Essay.
This population constitutes around 18 of the total population of the world.

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Growth of human population has become a cause of concern in many parts of the world, mainly in the poor countries. However, it also defines the number of organisms who can interbreed. Population commonly refers to the total number of people living in a particular region. Status of women be raised in society as done by present government by giving more seats in assemblies. Another reason is the growing birth rate especially in the poor and developing countries.

cause of population explosion essay

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