Essay on most memorable day in school

essay on most memorable day in school

and then tossed me at the back of a truck. It was proof that I was a good friend, proof that values and the importance of friendship existed in my heart. Those thugs were forced to let me go, before they experienced any more ferocious bites. I had to help her and I turned from my course and jumped to the next lane and to her side and helped the nurse carry her to the sick room. However, memories are not just the ones that make us feel like we are in heaven. I responded with what dad. my first day of teaching was as a substitute in a 7th grade classroom. "Sit down!" I said, completely flustered and baffled by their behavior. "No getting out of your seat. Elena Aguilar, transformational leadership coach, Oakland, California A Smelly Beginning Always eager to start the new school year right, I got up early and planned my morning so that I could get to school early in a calm state of mind and make a strong. The hour wasn't smooth by any definition, but I managed to meet some of my objectives. All days we come across in our life are not the same.

Memorable Day of My Life: My First Day in School Free Essays

essay on most memorable day in school

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Kindergarten Cop before he found a whistle. Children interrupted my reading with their own unrelated stories of whatever popped into their heads, with several children talking at the same time. In midst of all rejoicing, I felt sorry for some of my friends who could not do well in the examination. Not only did the skunk spray my dog, but I, too, was hit by the wafting blast. A few weeks later when I visited that same class, some of the kids called me "teacher" and hugged me as if to express their forgiveness.

Repeat washing wasn't enough. But either good or bad, it will still be the part of us until we grow. It's an insurrection, I thought; they're all going to silently and passively refuse my directions!