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a report by

accounting to make a public statement about something: report a rise/fall/drop They reported.7 drop in sales. From Cambridge English Corpus In reporting significant instances of noncompliance, auditors should place their findings in perspective. Note that you must provide at least one email address in this section. Next: Change the time zone of my reports. How can we improve it? A report on sth Can you give us a report on what happened at the meeting? From Cambridge English Corpus If allocation is not feasible, the investment shall be reported on the basis of the predominant use of the grant. She was disappointed to learn that she was expected to report for work at 7:00.m.

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Lack of feedback to reporting sources hampered improvements in clinical practice. Report sb for sth She reported him for benefit fraud. To schedule a report: Create a report. To edit the schedule of a scheduled report: Click, my reports, then click, manage. Supervisors report on their employees performance every year. The verb report may be followed by the prepositions for, on (or upon ) and. A report on sth The task force published a scathing report on the impact of regulation on hotels and restaurants. Public Works and Government Services Canada, 2018. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. For example, term paper on waste recycling processes selecting Weekly and Last 7 days runs the report at the beginning of Monday each week on data from the previous 7 days. Run section to set the frequency and date range of the report. Report for work or for duty means to show up at a job at the required time.

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