Essay on pakistan tour

essay on pakistan tour

Ali, a Pakistan Movement activist, who published it in his paper Now or Never. As I sat in our tour bus looking at the unique, British buildings of Karachi, we suddenly passed by a huge group of well wishers, who showered us with rose petals. Politics change change source Pakistan is officially a federal republic, but during a long period in its history it changed to a democratic state and a military dictatorship. We wanted to visit the tomb of Nur Jahan but the road leading to the tomb was closed and it was not well preserved either. Retrieved 22 September 2010. My mother wanted to go boating so we all boarded the boat and off we went rowing. Essay submitted to the Young Commonwealth Competition 2012. It has a long coastline along the.

There are about 3 million Hindus living in Pakistan. In my essay I am going to write about my day trip to Islamabad on 20th February 2011.

But the security folks were very friendly and welcoming. Pakistan visit: Lahore: I visited, lahore in 7-10 November 2009. Pakistan has a total land area of 880,940 km2 (340,130 sq mi) (including the Pakistani-administered territories of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan). Pakistanis are the best people on earth.

SO I had to ask for a change of driver at one point as the existing driver was driving quite badly. We were given a suite in the old wing. 9 The letter i was incorporated to ease pronunciation and forms the linguistically correct and meaningful name. Until 1971, Pakistan also included an area in the North-east India region. Although the middle-class has grown in Pakistan, nearly one-quarter of the population is classified poor as of October 2006. Pakistan is a country in southern Asia. My friend bought some sweets for my from Dilpasand sweet store. We visited the monument of Quaid Azam, then visited the. "Where is the Middle East?". Main articles: Government of Pakistan and Politics of Pakistan Pakistan has a federal parliamentary system. Who would have thought that someone's life could change in just ten days?