Endangered animals should be kept in zoos essay

endangered animals should be kept in zoos essay

FresnoBee, When I started 38 years ago, thats kind of what the talk was: Well reproduce in captivity and take it back out and set it free in its native habitat. If they are out in the wild, they can dye from lack of food, droughts, predators, diseases, and natural disasters. We have to make sure all dangerous animals. Animal Activists Oppose Keeping Endangered Species in Zoos. While success stories abound, most wildlife biologists consider SSP programs to be works in progress. As human beings continue to multiply, we destroy wild habitat. Back then (and, debatably still today) wild animals were used strictly as commodities. However, these animals might start up plan essay never be able to contribute to a wild population. Zoos keep animals safe.

Should Zoos Keep Endangered Species?

endangered animals should be kept in zoos essay

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They were taken from the wild and placed into captivity. Part of this process involves designing a family tree of particular managed populations in order to achieve maximum genetic diversity and demographic stability. SSP programs for lowland gorillas, Andean condors, giant pandas and snow leopards, among others, have not had thesis statement about new media such clear success, but remain part of the larger conservation picture for the species in question and the regions they inhabit. Blue whales should be protected because they are sentient beings, and not solely because the species is endangered. Despite a number of successful reintroductions that have allowed for a few self-sustaining populations in the wild of specific species, prime habitat for some of the worlds most endangered continues to disappear at an unprecedented rate, essentially leaving these animals without a home. Keeping endangered animals in zoos infringes on those individuals rights to freedom. Captive breeding may very well allow future generations the chance to experience some of the worlds most endangered animals, but if people can only see these animals in artificial exhibits, then what are we really achieving? But theres getting to be less and less and less habitat.

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