How to reduce unemployment essay

how to reduce unemployment essay

most of the agriculture land in India usable for cultivating just one crop a year. Our government spends a considerable number of resources on education, in order to make the youth useful for our society. The assumption was that growth in economy will automatically generate enough employment. This proposition allows those workers to transfer from their current state of work to the state they reside. Unemployment casts some short term ripples throughout the economy by reducing an individuals contribution in terms of services and taxes. The problem of disguised unemployment has turned out the biggest contributor behind this deficit. Responsibility and attachment to family, language barrier, religion and lack of transport are key contributing factors in this regard. Current survey data revealed that at the all-India level, 77 of families do not have a regular salaried person. Due to the emphasis put on agriculture in our economy, industrialization still takes a backseat, with farmers not ready to give up land for establishing industries.

State wise figures reveal that Tripura has the highest unemployment rate in the country.7 while Gujarat has the lowest.9. What a waste it is when a university graduate sits around all day long and has no career to develop, let alone seek his or her dreams.

But essays on h.p lovecraft it is rare that the root cause of someone staying out of work is the prospect of out of work welfare handouts. Immobility of Labour: One more factor that leads to unemployment is people not being interested to move for jobs. Drawback of Agriculture Infrastructure: According current statistics, agriculture remains the biggest employer in the country contributing to 51 employment. Improve skills / human capital to make people more flexible in the workplace. Unemployment rate of a country is indicative of its socio-economic health.