My favourite bird peacock essay in hindi

my favourite bird peacock essay in hindi

be a very heat food. According to Ayurveda, Peacocks feature is also a very effective medicinal herb especially in poisoning and injuries cases. Have a look at the three types of peacock. Green Peacocks are very aggressive and they cant live with other fowls. When peacock expands its feature and dances, I guess, even time would stop to see its dance. Peacock as a national bird of India. Second, the eye-shaped spots in its train are considered as the eyes of God.

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Peacock, the queen of birds, is the symbol of love, beauty, grace, pride, and colourful life. But do know why it has been given such a prestigious designation? Peacock is called the king of birds as far as its beauty is concerned. In India, the dance of a peacock is a sign of an upcoming rain. God Kartikeya, and Goddess Saraswati. Their life span is 20 years average. In Online Classes By Excellent Channel. We should not hurt. Their blue bright colored feathers are used in making fans and small children keep these feathers in their books hopping to help them in their studies. Peacock got the wings and they can fly but they rarely.

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