Should same sex marriage be legal essay

should same sex marriage be legal essay

Minneapolis campaign introduced to attract gay couples from Chicago and Illinois to travel to Minneapolis to get their legal union (Kare11). State Counter Argument: - The government would then have to give financial aid to the aging population with retirement incomes and medical care through taxing on the younger working population (Becker and Posner). (Eskridge 96) This argument is clearly fault-ridden. In states where adopted is permitted, gay and lesbian couples holds approximately 16 more than married and unmarried heterosexual couples (LifeLing Adoptions). Although some people believed that homosexual marriage is harmful and must be opposed, examining the good sides of legalizing same-sex marriage proves otherwise.

All lovers should be granted the final gift of marriage, because marriage is an inalienable right of humans. Because without gay marriage, much more inequalities exist. Concluding thesis on mergers and acquisitions pdf Sentence: So, if states approved joint gay adoptions (when a homosexual couple jointly petition for adoption or the least, second parent adoptions (when one person the child of his partner same-sex couples will raise the adoption rate if gay marriages are legalized. Why it should be legalized, 2014). Gay and lesbian couples now have the right to marry, just like anyone erica should be very proud" President Barack Obama stated. Equally important, the legalization of same-sex marriage also has deep spiritual significance, it demonstrates that the society respects the dignity of all people and protects for all citizens. According to the law, spouses or family members akin have more visitation rights than others.

should same sex marriage be legal essay

Should Same Sex Be, legalized.
Should Same, sex Marriage be, legalized?

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