Pro violent video games essay

pro violent video games essay

these types of video games, said Kieffer, because women are portrayed in subordinate roles and the girls may find less incentive to play. Across America we are reaping the bitter harvest of this training as ever more kids are shooting other individuals that they have a grudge against. Also, many studies encountered that exists firm connection between violence on video games and aggressive behavior of children. With the improvement of computer technology, the video game market has grown significantly in the past decade. They killed twelve fellow students and a teacher, as well as wounding twenty-four others, before committing suicide. References, andrea Norcia (2010). In complete contrast to that first common misconception, most of the violent crimes in America committed by teens or young adults was not influenced entirely by video games, if even at all. Both Nicoll and Kieffer say that the recent changes that put age limits and rating systems on games make it more difficult for mysterious essay introduction young children to purchase and play these video games. In another study of over 600 8th and 9th graders, the children who spent more time playing violent video games were rated by their teachers as more hostile than other children in the study. Number 1 in almost all violent crime committed by teens or young adults, the offender was influenced by violent video games. Its impact on the modern culture has increased year by year since the birth of "Space Wars".

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Violent Video Games Essay.4th sentence in the 4th paragraph. It should be noted that scientists conclusions are confirmed by following facts. Particularly the controversy revolves around violent video games specifically. Popular Essays Become a StudyMode Member Sign Up - It's Free. Violent video games today may influence younger, more impressionable, and or weaker-willed players, but in general, the average gamer will know better than to let data on a plastic disc tell them how to live their lives.

pro violent video games essay

Whether people learn from them, entertain themselves, or improve coordination and skills, they.
Violent computer games, and their possible effect on players.
Introduction The Problems Social Effects of Playing Computer Games Conclusion.

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