Should immigrants assimilate essay

should immigrants assimilate essay

Lees were convinced that the medication regimen only made Lia more ill and refused or altered the medication regiment. However, the Hmong did not want to live apart from each other in this strange new environment. Foster care did not improve Lias condition and the coercion of does the act essay affect the composite score power on the Lees did not improve their compliance or strengthen their beliefs in western medicine and treatments. For several years, had no idea how to operate the family telephone. This explains, at least in part, why after being in the United States for a number of years, the Lees appeared to speak virtually no English. Anne Fadimans research effort created a valuable resource for people in curing and caring professions.

On that note, she"s William Osler who said Ask not what disease the person has, but rather what person has the disease (Fadiman, 1997,. Prenatal care is highly valued in western culture, however, in Hmong culture where our understanding of medical care is nonexistent women take care of their needs. Keywords: culture, cultural barriers, values and beliefs, language barrier, assimilation process The Collision of Two Cultures Implications of Cultural Values and Beliefs on Caring Concepts After I finished my second summer semester this year I had 3 weeks break before starting fall semester, where. Language, cultural values and beliefs, and immigration status play an extensive role in assimilation and acculturation to a new society. The Hmong women came to the hospital to give birth only because they had heard that if they do not deliver the baby in the hospital it will not be accepted as American citizen and they could not collect money from the government. Inevitably the day came that Lia suffered a grand mal seizure. In these simple words is hidden much of the truth that would have helped the Lees to cope better and comply more with Lias medication regimen. I had acquired my books already from a fellow student and went home to enjoy my three weeks of not studying; just working. To the western doctors, who know little about the Hmong people and their culture, Lias seizure was caused by dysfunction in her brain which can be treated with medication. Moreover, the twix neeb could have acted as negotiator to ensure that the Lees adhered to the medication regiment. Recognition of cultural differences is important in a country that consists of mostly immigrants.

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