Titanic survivor story essay

titanic survivor story essay

the Titanic slowly, bit by bit, slipped out of my sight, never to be seen again, I thought to myself. Free Essays 1245 words (3.6 pages). Well, that was until the alarms sounded.

He clung to an overturned collapsible boat and survived. Frederick Fleet, poor Frederick Fleet. I really wanted to believe him, but I never saw it coming true. Lightoller himself was sucked underwater then shot back to the waters surface when the ships boiler exploded.

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I had lived with my big brother, Colby Winston, ever since I was five, I dont remember much before that though. I then thought that I must get to a lifeboat. Check out these lived to tell tales. This movie clearly portrayed how differently the first and second-class people were treated during the time of the Titanic. Apparently, he still hadnt gotten the event out of his system. Would I get to see my parents, and Emily? Would later recall that just before putting him in the boat, his father gave him a message: My child, when your mother comes for you, as she surely will, tell her that I loved her dearly and still. I felt heaviness in my heart; not knowing what was lying ahead of me made me feel anxious and excited. I was ready for my maiden voyage.

Their thoughts spread onto mine; I was beginning to believe that this. Since the two boys didnt speak English, they were taken in by a French-speaking survivor, Margaret Hays. The Titanic was designed to take passengers from England, France and Ireland to North America (Gunner). The actual sum is likely to be at about 1500.