Fashion branding dissertations

fashion branding dissertations

tastes of consumers may differ, the aim of the luxury fashion brand industry is to associate brands with feelings of prestige, importance, status, and grandeur for customers. With the help of four relevant target audiences and their use of media will be exemplified how a brand can find the suitable strategies for its target group. Step 8 Tactics: This includes the specific actions, which are taken to execute the strategies and meet the objectives. Why people buy things they dont need: understanding and predicting consumer behavior.

Therefore, qualified strategies in marketing are demanded. It is necessary, to address customers in an individual and sophisticated way. With the use of a closed-ended questionnaire, the study is designed to be both qualitative and quantitative in nature as it will contact 60 Tiffany and Amber customers through email for their opinion regarding the brand prominence and branding ap lang rhetorical analysis student essay strategies employed by Tiffany and Amber. Publicity is also more authentic, because the promotion does not come from the brand itself but from a third party, the editors. Credibility is another important factor. 2.5 Nigerian Young Consumers: Young Nigerian consumers are becoming increasingly affluent and have a substantial amount of discretionary income to spend upon fashion clothing. Respectability: It is a decisive factor of success, especially for products with a high level of trust and an investment risk, like extremely expensive products. 287-289 Okonkwo,., (2007b.) Luxury Fashion Branding.