Punishment essay for parents

punishment essay for parents

which concluded that the more parents use physical punishment, the more disobedient and aggressive their children will be (Gershoff, 2002; 2008). Some parents do not think that physical punishment such as spanking is physical abuse. Ask our professional writer! From the survey of Canadian attitudes, 19 of them believed that physical punishment could be distinguished from abuse and 21 thought that children who were not spanked are more likely to be poorly socialized. The effects will manifest up to the stage where she is no longer in the confines of the thing called home. However, they are violating the most fundamental human rights of every child, based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child because only.7 percent of countries are free of physical violence against children at home (gieacpc, 2009). Every parent envisions their child to be a good and law-abiding citizen of this country. It is known that the personality a child develops is mostly determined by the education he is given when little. Violence shown and practiced at an early stage produces a lifetime scar on the young hearts.

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In conclusion, physical punishment causes adverse impacts on childrens' life. Instead, show them the fear of doing something wrong and children will obey and behave absolutely right when they are afraid of punishment. Physical punishment can be escalated gradually from minor spanking to more extreme actions that can cause serious injury to a child. Besides, small words of appreciations and motivations are not only, beneficial for children to understand their mistakes and think about it, but also, to develop and follow good habits. "Should Parents Use Physical Punishment Psychology Essay." All Answers Ltd. Next Essays Related to Corporal punishment on children. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.