Glass menagerie amanda wingfield essay

glass menagerie amanda wingfield essay

Amanda herself. Since she was reliving her own life, she failed to understand the different personalities that her children possessed and ended up driving Tom away from home. Her life therefore, becomes a vicious circle of escapes and evasions from the facts of everyday life. She likewise indulges in playful games so as to escape the drudgery of everyday living. Studying the Character of Amanda Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie written by: Shelia Odak edited by: SForsyth updated: 1/17/2012 slide 1 of 4, past. Themes in The Glass Menagerie report this ad, we Proudly Support These Educational Associations x). In Toms restlessness, she sees echoes of that desertion and is afraid that Tom is going to leave her as well. She is so obsessed with her make belief world that she refuses to accept the truth of her real world.

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glass menagerie amanda wingfield essay

Unfortunately, these are also the moments when she is the farthest away from the real world. The way she treats Tom is a reaction to the familys desertion by her money laundering research paper husband. When it is convenient to her, she simply closes her eyes to the brutal, realistic world. But Amanda is pretty controlled about the whole thing, chattering on about him abandoning her as though it doesnt hurt, when clearly, for a woman of Southern tradition, being left by her husband is a pretty awful ordeal. Furthermore, Amanda resents the poverty-stricken neighborhood, in which she lives, so much that she needs to mentally escape from. The glass menagerie symbolizes Amanda Wingfield's overwhelming need to cling to her past, and her paranoia of being alone, so she keeps herself surrounded by the menagerie and her memories. When her husband deserted her, she found herself faced with an empty and meaningless life. Because of this, she sets up Laura for failure, whether it is in business school or in relationships. Amanda's refusal to see that her children are quite different from her causes her many uncomfortable moments. She wants only the best for her children, but then she fails to understand that what they most want is quite different from what she wants for them. Tom does need to support them or they starve.

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