Note book paper research notes

note book paper research notes

pens. The outer aspects need not be connected to all the others, they simply need to form a connected whole. Its pages are also perforated, so you can cleanly rip out pages if you need to without ruining the rest of the notebook. To complete your research you simply need to connect and activate all the aspects. How to make sense of it? Secondary Research: Hexagonal icons indicate Secondary research. I was recommended the Uni-ball Jetstream recently and have been converted away from Bic Biros. The one you can find thats a joy to write with.

If your desk is anything like mine in recent times there are notes-to-self on bits of paper and Post-Its everywhere, and your computer desktop is littered with.txt files with little ideas that you intend to return to later (of course). You will initially not be able to examine all objects since you have not discovered their component aspects. Get yourself a good pen: Whats a good pen? It will serve as the title notecard for each stack of notecards dedicated to a particular source. But the benefits of going digital are real. But Im a Devonthink person, so theres one more step to get my handwritten notes into my database software.

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note book paper research notes

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