Students life essay

students life essay

play together and sit together. Excellent Good Above Average Average Poor Additional Comments (If Any). This is not so good for them, because it is so difficult to catch up with the programme later. I then chose safety because it is important that everyone who attends lighthouse feels safe. The criteria I used in the survey were as follows: priority, safety, and opportunity. Good health is the key to success. Students take part in games and sports, drama, essay competition, song and debate competitions etc. In school, teachers try to remove the evils from the students by sowing some seeds of good qualities in them. During the time of natural calamities he can distribute food, medicine, pure drinking water and cloths to the victim. He must read newspapers, magazines, novels, dramas and poetry during his leisure.

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The students that dont live at home have even more financial responsibilities than the rest, most of which people are completely unaware. His mental outlook will be broad. How was your admission handled by isbm? Fun increase after real hard work and you tend to enjoy more than those who had been lazy and have wasted their time. School can be fun, real fun, when picnics and field trips are organized.