Double major in finance and computer science essay

double major in finance and computer science essay

a bulge-bracket bank after a significant networking effort. No, you dont need to know C to get into investment banking, but if you ever move into a more quantitative role like risk management or algorithmic trading, youre going to need these skills. What is the benefit of buying stocks, and how do bonds work? Its a familiar greeting if youre in university, but its also a common way for bankers to assess you. Even if you have no interest in IT or in working at a tech company, you should still take at least one introductory computer science class because software is eating the world.

Degrees in mathematics are consid ered more valuable to finance and econ PhD programs and quite likely to Wall Street. I m thinking of doing a dual degree at the U Pennsylvania in c omputer science bachelor of applied science and Wharton finance. Individuals searching for Computer Science Finance Double Maj or found the following related articles and links useful. Probably a unpopular opinion, but i find cs quantitative finance and can.

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Pound the sat highest score essay pavement and learn what you can on the side. We share and discuss any content that computer scientists find interesting. Today, though, the level of technical rigor in interviews has increased dramatically. Actually becoming a quant there would probably require a more advanced degree, so this is the best result for his education level. Your GPA is on the low side (3.6.7 so you take a language class to boost your grades. But its too late to switch your major, and to make things even worse, youre working in a hospital over the summer. In the future, you might even be viewed as illiterate if you cannot at least understand basic code. As for the dude at UMich Ross, double majoring with CS or Math would be beneficial for you - it'll definitely let you "stand out" among the pack if you know what I mean. Despite a lower GPA, you manage to win a bulge-bracket sales trading internship via an aggressive networking effort.

You might still be able to get in with a lower GPA if youre at a top-tier school, but its still harder than it used. What are the advantages and disadvantages? You need to start earlier, you need to take classes that are more relevant to the job, and you need to earn as high a GPA as you can. First, I have to be honest with you: you stand a low chance of getting into the industry out of undergraduate these days if you got started very late.