Essay on religious diversity in india

essay on religious diversity in india

only handful of the rulers who could accomplish. Smith says, The essential fundamental Indian unity rests upon the fact that diverse peoples of India have developed a peculiar type of culture and civilization, utterly different from any type in the world and that civilization may be summed up in the term of Hindustani. Changing patterns of religious adherence 20 percent of Australians are non religious From dramatic increase in Islam, Buddhism, Hindu and Judaism Due to the abolishment of the white Australian policy immigration increased. The people staying in different parts of the country followed the same religious rites and rituals. This not only shapes the current religious landscape of Australia having diverse religions other than Christianity, but also effected the rate of Christianity to drop.9 out of the whole population of Australia. As a result from the earliest times, India has been divided into several independent principalities. Advertisements: The other local languages which subsequently gained prominence originated out of Sanskrit. Although there are different states that have the majority of people belonging to different religions still there is no wall of separation between the states and the religion. If we talk about food cuisines and dishes, then food items like seekh kebab, Tandoori items, biryani etc are influenced by the Muslims culture.

Nevertheless the religious diversity has been a major source of disunity and disharmony in the country.
This is because in India religious affiliation.Short essay on diversity in Indian Culture srouti modha India is a land of diversity in race, region, caste, language, mate, landform, flora and fauna and.Religious Diversity There are two levels to consider when we look.
Also know about different religions in India including diversity in public behaviors, diversity in names, diversity in worshipping, diversity.
Have you ever wondered why India s religious diversity is widely famous?

Religion in India is known all over the world for having unique diversity. India not only possesses racial diversity but also linguistic diversity - It is said that almost 400 languages are spoken in India. Some of the prominent language recognized by the constitution includes, Assamese Bengali, Gujrkti, Hindi, Kannad, Kashmiri, and Malayalam. Essay on Unity in Diversity.

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Muslims can visit the Hindu neighbors on occasions like Diwali and Hindus are also welcomed for Eid preparations in India. Irrespective of ones religion, India offers a commitment to values like liberty and equality, etc to all the citizens of India. In other words, according to Kautilya, the king was considered to be a Chakravarti only when he succeeded in extending his power or supremacy over the whole of the country. Buddhism started long ago in India but there was a decline in their number in India but today we can see Buddhists in almost every part of India especially in the states like Bhutan, Sikkim and Himachal Pradesh etc. 1991 the church life survey shows that 29 of people had switched in the last 5 years. Even under this mighty rulers a real unity could not be established both due to the lack of means of communication and transportation as well as national consciousness. No doubt, India was divided into a number of small principalities but the powerful rulers were always keen to bring all these areas under their control. In the same way, if your name is Tauseef Khan then you will be automatically recognized as a part of Muslim community, Also Sikh men have their last names as Singh and women have as Kaur. Denominational switching Within protestant or Anglican denominations people are very prepared two switch denominations. Racial Unity: No doubt, the people of India belong to different races but they are so much absorbed in the Hindu fold that they have virtually lost their separate entity. Christians believe in Jesus Christ who is the son of god for them. Hinduism followers comprise of Dravidians, pre-Dravidians, and the Indo Aryans.

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essay on religious diversity in india