I am thankful writing blank paper

i am thankful writing blank paper

of chart paper. . Label the ship, supplies, items they use, distinct pieces of clothing, etc. Make a list of the places you would like to travel. Students can add additional pages or you can use the story frame to let students create their own booklets using foods that they ate at the mock feast! Make an 'I Am Thankful' predictable class chart- Discuss with students things for which they are thankful. . I see the Mayflower ready for sea. Pilgrim Boys (Review Samuel Eaton's Day) - help build house, hunt for food, make wooden pegs (nails gather wood for the fire, gather crops from the fields Pilgrim Girls (Review Sarah Morton's Day) - cook and serve meals, wash clothes, make soap, make candles, feed the chickens, milk the goats, muck the garden, make spices, churn.

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Pilgrim, Pilgrim, what do you see? Then have each student share one question or thing that they would like to find out about the first Thanksgiving. . Make a list of your favorite foods. Make a list of the apps you use the most this year. I see an Indian helping. Art: 1) Form hand print turkeys 2) Create coffee filter turkeys Directions Have students color one coffee filter with markers. List all the significant world events that have taken place in your lifetime. Make a list of the things and experiences youre grateful for. They made friends with the Indians a long, long time ago.

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