Causes of poverty in the philippines research paper

causes of poverty in the philippines research paper

Philip Gerson (1998 poverty is both more widespread and more persistent in the Philippines than in neighboring asean (Association of South East Asian Nations) countries. Datt and Hoogeveen (2003) analyze the dual impacts of the financial crisis and El Nio on poverty and inequality in the Philippines. National Statistical Coordination Board.(2005). Out of all the Southeast Asian countries, the Philippines is the worst when in comes to poverty. This shows that the incidence of poverty has remained significantly high as compared to other countries for almost a decade. Overpopulation is the situation of having large numbers. Poverty is a major problem in the world still in this present day, mainly in many underdeveloped countries. Meet with a professional at a financial institution to discuss balancing a checking account, creating a savings plan and using credit accounts.

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These bacteria are naturally present on our skin as part of the human flora. Rome: Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. Having yard sales, auctioning items on auction websites, donating blood and participating in medical research studies are examples of ways you can increase your income outside of work. Official poverty statistics from the National Statistical Coordination Board (2011) shows that the reduction in poverty over the past two decades has been quite dismal from 38 in 1988 to 26 in 2009 or less than one percent reduction per year. In section II of the paper it contains the review of related literature that provides some details on the causes of poverty, some details on the effects of poverty and discusses some solutions on how to overcome poverty in the Philippines. In reality, many people arent lucky to live in a descent and comfortable living. These issues were in turn linked to the concentration of control of economic resources and the structure of the economy. Acknowledgments, abbreviations, part 1 Executive Summary, part 2 Introduction. Retrieved date February 15, 2013, from m Gonzales,.