Problems of pakistani students in essay writing

problems of pakistani students in essay writing

paragraphs controlling idea? In our neighbor country like India have near about 1500 universities and in our country there are only 150 universities but some of these universities have no standard level. After the introduction of so many private institutes the level of education has risen to a large extent which has ultimately decreased the quality education standards of the government institutes. Period OF economic coordination (1947-1953 First of all economic planning development was established in1948. Apart from government, the individuals should also cooperate with government in this critical time to save the e above mentioned problems and their solutions will be discussed in appropriate manners in next paragraphs. Solution: Students should get basic knowledge about any profession before deciding to take it as their future profession. Organization Is the paragraph organized logically? The purpose of early education is to induce in to the students an interest of education but children are taught by untrained teachers in their early stage, so they lose interest in education. A harmful social condition becomes a social problem when a social need persists over some time and is not provided for because there are a number of competing needs while the proposed budget is not sufficient to cater for all of them. Pakistan is one of those very few countries where the system of education has constantly deteriorated.

Dual education means that study of students in different mediums.
In Pakistan, there is no respect of teachers.
If teacher beat any student in college or university then next day the student which is bitten by teacher beat him.
Students ' life and problems: are they different?
So, many students in northern and Scottish universities come from the south of England and vice versa.

Problems of pakistani students in essay writing
problems of pakistani students in essay writing

Another very significant pre-written essay papers educational problem in Pakistan, which is being faced by the students of Pakistan is the privatization of universities and colleges have affected the strength of the government colleges and universities. Vref1 titleProblems Of Pakistani Education System m dateNovember 2013 accessdate locationNottingham, UK Reference Copied to Clipboard. Outline: troduction, oblems OF pakistans,. It aims at the development of awareness and attitudes that will make learners to develop responsible behaviour in the context of population issues. Print, reference this, published: Thu, hamza Naeem. Control on population explosion will enable this developing country to look after its existing residents better. Education is like a back bone for the development of a country. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. July 25 various teachers organizations have called for an end to political interference in the district education department. The ratio of primary education for girls is less as compare to boys which is more concern able for the government. A study shows that seventy per cent of international students experience homesickness in there early days at university.

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