Service learning reflection essay

service learning reflection essay

few things. Equipped with this knowledge, placed me in a better convenient position to benefit from choosing the most suitable and adaptable learning techniques, experiences and opportunities at given activities/event(s tasks such as the group activity we embarked upon as on a module requirement. Students on public relation position, kept explaining and persuading, which made them mouth parched and tongue scorched. During this time I was better at observing spanners at work, how they work and generating ideas from gone wells and not gone wells. The most meaningful part to me was knowing that I was a part of an organization that helps animals who are in need of help. Learning styles, preferences and skills learnt and adopted could be further honed and tailored around ones expertise in order to maximise ones potential and capacity. Among the most renowned is Kolbs ( who presented learning as a cycle; evolving on a constant basis. The problem with this is, if I did not select any adjective that matched my peers selection, would mean room 1 would remain empty. The diagram below illustrates the Kolbs (1984; 1995) initial development of learning as a cycle: Subsequently deduced from the original cycle above is Honey and Mumfords (1992) learning cycle illustrated below: The second enhanced version seems to suggest that in every learning situation, the learning.

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The limitation with this window is that the number of adjectives does not always tally with what is required; and an uneven distribution of selections would have to be made more often than not; which may invalidate findings to an extent in terms of bias. Considering that one vision-screening activity last semester was also on Special Olympics, leader and I shared our experiences on it with other teammates. I would suggest actually having to do an interview process to see if you are willing to come and help out anywhere that you have assigned. However, this may be found contrary to practical reality and experience which show significant preferences for one or more of the stages over others and that not all learners are well grounded in all stages of the cycle. This consumes their days with activity and problems are usually tackled through brainstorming. Kinesthetic learners; prefer learning by experience; actually doing on a physical dimension; be it experiments, moving, touching, and active exploration to name a few (Walter., 2009).

Reflectors prefer to stand back, listen, observe and ponder on experiences from various perspectives, and learn best when doing this. Implementation It is obvious that this was not my strongest point and as opposed to the brainstorming phase of the activity, I was not too much involved in this part of the procedure. So I decided not to go back for it and proceeded to my destination which was to a team-members house to pick up the cupcakes. I have a very deep impression on one girl we served when I was operating the Distant NA test.

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