Kth master thesis abroad

kth master thesis abroad

to identify one that suits your needs. With these pages we will try to give you a picture of the requirements we impose and the support we can provide when you are undertaking a degree project at CSC. Do not forget to apply for extension at least one month before the regular period is over, since extensions are not granted retroactively. Fill in your precise semesters, teaching language and any previous Erasmus participation in Mobility Online. Take your application to your prospective examiner. The scholarship is paid for the entire time you are at the partner university before the studies begin, provided that it is mandatory, for example, intensive courses and introductory weeks. If you need to take a language course in the country you are going to and the receiving university doesnt organise courses that are free of charge, you can apply for a grant to be able to learn or improve the local language. Any changes in your Learning Agreement must be made in a revised Learning Agreement, which shuld be signed and uploaded in the same way as the original. Search for projects in KTH's, degree project portal. Travel grant, you are welcome to apply if you are doing exchange studies outside the EU, taking a summer course which can be transferred into your program or doing thesis work abroad. Note that the subject is in the name of the degree project course for which you are registered.

kth master thesis abroad

By students in Electrophysics, by students in Electric Power Engineering. Examiner will fill in part 2 of the "Application for degree project". The School of Information and Communication Technology encourages exchange studies and as a student you may apply for travel grant several times given that the requirements are fulfilled. Hand in completed forms to the course administrator "Application for degree project part 2" Send a copy as a response to the first e-mail that you received from the administrator, or hand it in to one of the eecs-servicecenters. Travel grant are not approved for travels within Europe. An original receipt stating the name of the school and the fee must be attached to the application. Degree project abroad, for more information regarding doing a degree project abroad. Special rules apply for Switzerland. Sholarships Scholarships for exchange studies in EU (Erasmus) Students who are awarded an exchange place in the EU can apply for Erasmus scholarship, which is usually granted to all who received an exchange place. Document your work in a systematically well-written structured report.

It is also possible for the examiner to be supervisor. Notice that if you receive other scholarships from KTH, such as MFS or Linnaeus Palme for the same period you are not entitled to the travel grant. The adress is Nordea Löneservice, P1306, 105 71 Stockholm. If you are extending or interrupt your stay abroad you should notify your international coordinator and the person responsible for the installment of the scholarship, Adisa Halilovic. Application form (docx 33 kB) If you do not have your bank account in Nordea you need to cpmplete the following form and send it to Nordea. You must be registered for the proper course prior to beginning any work on your project. Rest of the world SEK 8000 SEK.

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