How to organise dissertation notes

how to organise dissertation notes

to include in each section of your dissertation. If you havent been given a formal reference list by your tutor, refer back to the techniques we recommended earlier. Instead, try to paraphrase"tions and only use direct"s if it really helps to illustrate your argument. It's been a valuable experience for me it's so different from other stuff. But this is so much work, you can't rush.

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Ideas for developing the dissertation topic. Will the topic sustain your interest over the months to come? Our Top Tips, talk to a member of academic staff at an early stage about your ideas. Consider concept-mapping your dissertation, if you prefer a more visual approach to your outline plan of your dissertation, a concept or mind-map may suit you better. Selecting a topic for your dissertation is not always easy. As unnatural as it may feel, its most effective to read in a few stages, as detailed below: First, go through all the texts to get a sense of their general content and arguments. If you need to keep going back to the work of that author, then you need to link those discussions with your work. Remember to identify literature gaps and link this to your own research. Your main interest in the topic may be: An area of social life. You may find it helpful to develop a chart indicating which stages of work will be undertaken when, and with what contingencies.