Hamlet is sane essay

hamlet is sane essay

his plan for revenge, which further demonstrates his intelligence, and proves he is completely sane. Through the return into sanity, Hamlet is able to accomplish both his short-term goals of concentration and philosophizing. Therefore Hamlet is completely sane, due to the fact that he has logic behind his actions. Talking to the ghost makes Hamlet worried because he feels he did not do the job the ghost wanted him. In the, tragical History of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, by William Shakespeare, the sane Hamlet occasionally switches between the realms of sanity and insanity.

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However, this is difficult because Hamlet states he will act insane to exact revenge upon Claudius (1.5.180-181). Hamlet is sane throughout all of this, because he reveals to his friends and family of his plans to act insane, he is only "mad" around certain characters, and finally he has logic behind his actions. In addition, Polonius admits that. tags: Shakespearean Literature Research Papers 1084 words (3.1 pages) - Sanity of Hamlet Is he insane or isn't. Horatio is one of the few people to whom he does not need to prove he is?insane?

Hamlet Was Sane essays

hamlet is sane essay