List of colleges that require the sat essay

list of colleges that require the sat essay

(Level 1 or 2) and the other must be in either Physics or Chemistry. For the class of 2017 and beyond, Vassar no longer requires SAT Subject Tests but will consider them if submitted. Pomona College Considered Pomona requires the SAT or ACT. CalTech: R equires two tests in specific subject areas: Students must take Math Level 2 and one Subject Test in Biology (Ecological Biology (Molecular Chemistry, or Physics. Washington and Lee no longer requires Subject Tests. Brown University Recommended Brown requires the SAT or the ACT. Subject recommendations vary by department. Keep in mind that a one-word category cannot encompass all situations, which is why the detail is provided.

Webb Institute Recommended Webb requires the SAT or ACT and recommends the writing section is included. Note that the recommendation is still strong for most students: Some students may find the cost of taking and submitting SAT Subject Tests to be prohibitive. Read our ultimate study guide to get expert tips on prep and access to the best free online resources. Oberlin College Considered Oberlin requires the SAT or ACT. Planning to take the SAT? "We do not have a preference as to which science you take or which level math you take.". Mills College is now test optional.

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Bates College Considered Bates is test optional. We do not require SAT Subject Tests, the SAT Essay, or the writing section of the ACT; you may submit those scores how to write a career interest essay to Tufts if you choose to sit for these sections, but please note that they are not required and sending them will not increase. Its the usually part that can make parents and students queasy. However, I only recommend this for students who normally have strong English and writing skills but struggle to write coherent essays when there's the added pressure of a time constraint. Connecticut College Considered Connecticut College is test optional.

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